Revelation 10
The Mystery of God will be Fulfilled

Revelation 10

How do you grow in confidence that something promised will actually happen? Say someone asks you to marry them. It’s one thing to say the words, it’s quite another to actually get things in place to get married. Will they go through pre-marital counseling with you and be willing to address issues and prepare for a life long relationship. Are they willing to change their living arrangements? Are they willing to incorporate you into their life plans? Have they employment or a willingness to contribute to the ongoing financial needs of couple and family? If you see effort and sacrifice by the other person towards marriage, your confidence grows that the wedding and marriage will actually happen.

Or someone could say to you “I promise I’m going to build a new house for you.” But what backs up that statement? Do they have money to pay for the house? Have plans been drawn up that detail the house? Have tradespeople been contracted who can look after the various pieces of the house build? The more you see plans, contracts, finances and preparations, the more likely you are to gain confidence that the house will actually be built.

Someone can promise with words “I will change.” But will they take tangible steps to change? Will they honestly examine themselves and look at the issues? Are they willing to have others speak truth into their lives? Will they go through the program or the learning necessary to address whatever issues they have? If so, you’re confidence grows that change will actually happen.

Our confidence that a promise will be kept depends greatly on the one making it. We almost automatically discount the promises made by some people – like some an advertisers or some used care sales people, some politicians. When someone in our life promises to do something, our confidence that the promise will be kept depends a lot on their track record in promise keeping.

So how confident are you that God will keep His promise about a future glorious life with Him?