Revelation 17
Growing in Hope When Life Gets Worse

Vaneetha Rendall was born in India and contracted polio at a young age.   By the time she turned 13, she had undergone 21 surgeries.  She spent years in the hospital.  She endured verbal and physical bullying from schoolmates.  Then she had multiple miscarriages as a young wife.  The losses in her life continued to mount. Yet she lives with joy to this day.  She has written about her life in her book “The Scars that have Shaped me.” 

In an article entitled “Where is God when life gets worse” she write this.  “Life can be achingly difficult.  It has been for me. Many times, I’ve thought life was finally getting better, only to find out I was wrong. It was just the calm before the next devastating storm. Nothing was better. In fact, life became even harder.