Revelation 20
God Will Completely Remove Evil at the End.  But How?

So, at one of the session of the Triennial this past week we were asked to think back to when we received Christ and when we were baptized, and to remember that time of life and what God was doing in our lives; perhaps remembering when we received Christ and our actual baptism.  And I would like you to go back there in your own life today of you know Christ.  Back to the time: maybe you actually have a date or the season where you received Christ.  And then to the day of your baptism, and think back for a few moments to that time.  For me, I came to Christ December 26, 1971 when my sister led me to Christ: the day after Christmas, after all the presents and that day I received the greatest gift that you could receive.  I was then baptized in March of ’74, so I’ve been with the Lord for 46 years now.    Through all the ups and downs of life and through all the joys and sorrows the Lord has been faithful and I praise Him for that.  As you think about your walk with God I wonder what you think.  I wonder what you’re thinking about the time when you came to Christ to today, and what God has brought you through.  And I wonder about what you are thinking about the future?  Do you think that maybe in your life back then at your baptism or whatever you are thinking of, that that was the high point in your spiritual life, and even since then it has been kid of bumpy or maybe you have been sliding down or lukewarm to God?  Or maybe there’s just been a lot of things that have happened that have happened in your life and you are hoping you can survive.  Would you ever think that the best is yet to come?