Studies from Proverbs
7 Deadly Sins: From Envy to Goodwill

Studies from Proverbs

Many years ago, I met someone who would become a very good friend.  I appreciated this person’s sense of humor and outlook on life.  I loved their optimism and how they could bring people together.  I also experienced encouragement in my faith whenever I was around them.  They lived out their Christianity with passion and zest for life. 
Eventually, I moved to another city and kept a bit in touch with this friend.  Then a couple years later, they got a job in this same city.  Now by this point, I had established myself with a new circle of friends and social group.  I invited my friend to meet the people in the group.  They soon integrated into the group.  I was glad to have helped them in their move. 
But as time went on, I began to have negative feelings towards this person.  I found myself resenting them.  They irritated me and I even found myself thinking some cruel thoughts about them.  This friend not only integrated into my social circle.  They became very well liked.  They had different ideas for fun that people latched onto.  People appreciated their sense of humor, optimism and strong faith.  But I began to resent them.