Closing Remarks - Easter Sunday 2019

Closing Remarks

Thank you to the choir and all involved for the presentation that you have just witnessed.  I have been a Christian ever since December 26, 1971.  So that’s 47+ years as a Christian. It’s been interesting to experience the changing ways people respond to me as a Christian.  Now I don’t go around saying to people – “I’m a Christian. What do you think of me?” But you know when you meet people for the first time, what is the second question that we usually ask?  Question 1 is “What’s your name?”  Question 2 – What do you do?  Well I answer “I’m a pastor.”  When I started as a pastor 30 years ago, people would respond in one of two ways.  They would say “Oh that’s good.”  Or “You’re too young to be a pastor.”  I would admit that I was young and just starting out.  But my occupation generally received a favorable response back then.