Hebrews 1:5-2:4

A few years ago, our family had the privilege of going to Prince Edward Island.  We looked forward to exploring this place with red dirt surrounded by water.  One day, we went on a fishing expedition with the kids out on the ocean.   So we set out from the dock and the skipper guided the boat out of the harbor.  While he steered, we took in the sights.  He had one of those fish finders radar pieces.  He would find a school of fish and stop.  Then everyone would drop their lines over the edge to catch some fish.  The first school contained mackerel a long thin silvery fish.  Then he moved to another school containing cod.  They were bigger fish that were kind of yellowy green.  The highlight for me were the birds that followed the boat.  They would wait for fish to get thrown back in the ocean and then dive to get them.