Hebrews 5:1-5

Sometimes we encounter people who go above and beyond what’s expected. Say, you go to a sit down restaurant. A waiter is assigned to your table. You expect them to interact with you; listen to your order and then bring all you need to enjoy your meal. If they look after those basics, you’re generally satisfied with the service. But one time you have this waitress who is especially friendly. She interacts with everyone at the table and connects even with the young children. She carefully takes down your order and ensures she understands exactly what you’re asking. She attends to your table frequently to check if things are alright. She remembers the straw for your drink, the side order of fries and the extra sauce you requested. She is not pushy or dismissive. She is just very competent. So you are inspired to tip her generously because of her exceptional service. Or say you need to see a doctor. You can’t wait for the appointment at your regular doctor.

So you go in to a medical clinic. You expect the doctor will hear your concern, ask some clarifying questions and maybe do an examination. Then they hopefully provide the next step. Since the clinic is busy, you understand that they have to move quickly through each appointment in an attempt to get to all the patients. But this day, the doctor comes into the office and takes great care in understanding your situation. They listen carefully. They stop to think when they get new information rather than rattle off a standard answer. They take in your unique condition and questions and thoughtfully address each concern. Though you’ve gone to a busy medical clinic, you don’t feel rushed. It doesn’t seem like they want you out the door as quickly as possible. An attitude of care, concern and help just flows out of them. You leave feeling heard and cared for in an extraordinary way.