Matthew 9:25-30
He Had Compassion on Them

Last week, I was doing some groceries.  I usually do them about the same time, on the same day each week.  So I often see some of the same people who regularly shop in that time slot.  One of the regulars is an older man who takes things slow and I mean slow.  He walks about one quarter speed.  So if you get behind him and his cart in an aisle way, you have a decision to make.  Will you just stick it out behind?  Or would it be faster to turn around go into the next aisle and come around the other end to get the item you seek?  The man also has diminished hearing and a soft voice.  So sometimes I will see the deli worker leaning over the counter to try to get his order.  If you get in a checkout lane behind him, you can plan to read 50 emails while you wait or write an article because he will give you such an opportunity.