Matthew 26:57-66
The Answer that Cost a Life & Saved Many

The words of others can have a huge impact on us.  An encouraging word can help us keep going or spur us on to overcome an obstacle.  Discouraging words can beat us down or influence us to give up.  Parent’s words can help or hinder their children.  “You’ve done a good job!”  “You’re good for nothing!”  Or imagine how your life might change depending on the words responding to your invitation for a date.  “Yes, I’d be happy to go out with you.”  Or “No thanks, I’m busy.”   Or you go to a job interview.  You think it went well.  Then your phone lights up.  You see the interviewer’s number.  Your life will change if they say, “You’ve got the job.”  But if they say, “we decided to go with someone else,” you have to keep looking.   Or think about those accused of a crime.  The prosecution and defense present their arguments.  It’s now time for the judge to render their verdict.  The defendant’s life direction will change depending on whether the judges’ words “guilty” or “not guilty.” The words of others can impact us greatly.