Colossians 1:9-14
How Can Our Lives Be Changed?

Her name was Teresa.  Though our time together was short, she had a huge impact on our lives.  Lori and I had just moved to our first solo pastoring role at a church in Nepean, Ontario.  It’s kind of a suburb city to Ottawa.  We didn’t know anyone in the community or in the church.  So we started out on our own.  Yet we were excited about the possibility of ministry in this church and community.              Soon into our time there, this lady named Teresa approached us.  She said she wasn’t much of an up-front ministry person.  But she loved to pray.  She would regularly pray for us and offered to receive regular updates from us for prayer.  Now it’s a little intimidating entrusting your concerns and needs to someone you barely know.  But it soon became apparent that she was sincere and trustworthy.