Colossians 2:16-23
From Confusion to Clarity in Christ

Close connection to Christ is essential to navigate our confused times.    I think most Christians would agree with the first part of the statement.  I think there might be disagreement on the last three words – “our confused times.”   The question is do we think we live in confused times?  To be confused is to not think coherently or rationally.   It can mean to incorrectly identify, associate or differentiate.   Something is confused if it is without order or jumbled.   Do we live in confused times?  According to the mainstream of our culture, we certainly do not live in confused times.  We are the most advanced and intelligent people in all of history.  We are moving towards true freedom and the realization of human potential. That’s because we are leaving behind the restraints of the past.  We can forge ahead into an exciting future as we discover life beyond the limits imposed by religion, old authority structures and institutions.