James 1:1-12

Sometime last Fall, I went to our mailbox to collect the mail.  I looked through the flyers and shiny ads to see if there was any personal mail.  Then I noticed the brown envelope.  It had that familiar federal government look.  I turned it over to discover the sender: The Canada Revenue Agency or Tax department.  I quickly opened it up hoping it was just an information bulletin about some credit I might receive or be denied.  But it was a somewhat personal letter.  It contained the dreaded 5 letter word – AUDIT.   They wanted to look more deeply into something on my tax return.  They outlined the requested information.  Then they concluded with the usual threats if I ignored their letter.  How might you respond to such a letter?  I can tell you how I didn’t respond in that moment.  I didn’t praise the Lord for an opportunity to grow in character.  I didn’t run back home to tell Lori the good news about my tax audit.  I didn’t relish the opportunity to grow in my trust of the Lord.