James 1:16-27

This past Monday, we had a provincial election in Alberta.  By now, you all know the results.  People have responded in a variety of ways to the election result.  Some people are happy about the results.   Some are cautiously optimistic.  Some people are generally pessimistic.  Some despair or are angry about the results.  Some of these folks would likely agree with a hashtag I saw trending on twitter this past Tuesday.  It said, “Move to BC.”  So they are so upset about the election results that they’re saying they might move.  Then I’ve seen others who proclaim that Alberta has been saved.  It’s the only sane province in the country.  These reactions are all responses to the same event.  We do this in many areas of life.  Say the weather forecasts rain.  People respond differently to that forecast. If you planned a day outside with our family at a park, you’ll moan at the news of rain.  If you a wildfire threatens your region you’re joyful in response to a forecast of rain.  Or if you’re a farmer and your crops need moisture, you rejoice at rain.  Or think about watching a movie with a group of people.  At the end, people may talk about it.  Some people like the movie and some don’t.  We can respond differently to the same thing.