2 Samuel 6:1-12; 1 Chronicles 13:5-14
Understanding God

Good morning! I say this every year, but I love Grad Sunday. I love opportunities where we can celebrate and rejoice together. Our young people have worked hard and put in their hours and time to getting to these milestones, and as they embark on a change to the next phase, it's important that we can celebrate with them and encourage them. Especially in their faith. Because change and new experiences are on the horizon and that's wonderful. It's also filled with a lot of challenges. We know that the biggest drop off for people leaving their faith is after they graduate high school. So we work hard at trying to equip other how to discern with all of the new experiences coming. And this is true with every age and stage of life: As we live more life, and experience more of the world we start to come across things that push against our understanding of God. We might hear people talking against Christianity. we might read Bible verses that confuse us Because they don't jive with our understanding of God. We might experience situations or hear about other people's experiences that seemed to go against the God we understand. We all hear things read things and experience things that contradict our view of God.