James 4:1-10

 I don’t think anyone likes to be yelled at.  Yet, it seems like we all do it or have done it. Most of us have been on the receiving end of some yelling.  We might be angry, frustrated or tired.  We might feel threatened or feel like we’re losing control of a situation.  So we yell or shout.  I think that parents with young children can be especially vulnerable to this one.  Imagine there was such a thing as yell-counter.  It was installed in our brains.  If you wanted to see how you were doing, you could download an app on your phone.  It would record your yelling frequency.  If you checked my yell-counter, I suspect it would be of a much higher frequency when our kids were younger.  A lot of that was my own parenting journey. When these little people come into your life, they don’t come with an instruction manual.  Nor do they come with a remote control that you use to control them.  They come with their own personalities and temperaments.  The parent comes with their life experience before parenting.  Slowly, we begin to learn that this little person has completely invaded our lives.  There is no untouched part.  We must figure out our lives now with this new person.