James 4:13-16

 If you had to describe a typical life plan for people today, what would you include?  Maybe it would look something like this.  First, we get born.  Then we grow and learn some of the basics of life from those who care for us.  Then we get into Junior High.  As we travel through High School, we think about what’s next.  Some go directly into the workface.  Many get further training or schooling.  They hope that this will translate into a future job or career.  Then we graduate and start working.  Some find a life partner somewhere during this time frame.  They get married.  Maybe they have kids.  They raise their kids.  Then we earn money to provide for and hopefully enjoy life.  Then you retire.  You enjoy retirement.  At a ripe old age, you die peacefully in your sleep.     So the basic plan is Get born; Grow up.  Get a job.  Maybe get married.  Maybe have children.  Earn money.  Enjoy Life.  Enjoy Retirement.  Die Peacefully.  That’s the basic plan, isn’t it?