James 5:7-11

When our son was 4 years old, he did typical 4-year-old things.  Some of them were funny and some were annoying.  I found myself getting angry or showing frustration a lot.  I needed to come up with a different strategy.  I composed a little saying for those potentially frustrating situations.  I simply said, “Life with a 4-year-old.”  So, I’d see the mess or experience the tantrum or the crying.  After coming through all that, I’d say to myself, “that’s life with a four-year-old.”  It seemed to help.  It just reminded me that this is the reality of life with a young child.  I’d say it in his presence.  So, he heard me and I assumed he didn’t really connect the dots that I was talking about him.  Well, a few days after I started doing this, I heard him say something similar.  I thought he was repeating my saying.  “That’s life with a four-year-old.”  I thought, “Oh, how cute, he’s imitating me.”  But when I got closer, I realized he was saying something different. He said, “Life with a 40-year-old.”  Well, I was forty.  What was he talking about?