Ecclesiastes 3:11-15,22
True Enjoyment of Life

Sometimes we might be asked the question, “What do you do for fun in your life?” That question gets asked especially on weekends like today and summer months. We realize that the interpretation of fun is as varied as each person’s opinion on the matter. Somebody might think and say, “If I could just retire or quit my job, I would really enjoy life.” Others say exactly the opposite. Somebody said this: “My retired neighbour tells me there is no particular pleasure in having nothing to do. The fun comes, he says, when you have lots to do and don’t do it, because you don’t have to.

The world somehow thinks that becoming a Christian takes all the fun out of life. We know that is not so. In fact, to trust Christ with our lives liberates us from the fear of the future, helps us to deal with the uncertainties of life and compels us to move forward.