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Deuteronomy 4:1-14

Thanksgiving weekend provides us with an opportunity to practice something that’s very good for us.  Did you know that gratitude is good for your health and soul?  When we intentionally think about the blessings in our lives, it can change our mood. It can alter our perspective. It can refresh and renew us.  It can keep us balanced and help see us through life’s hard times.   

A few years ago, I was studying the theme of loss.  Everyone experiences loss in their lives.  We can lose friends and loved ones through death.  We can experience loss when we move.  We no longer have the familiarity of our neighborhood and home.  We can experience loss when life changes.  We mourn that things will be different.  We need to grieve our losses.  But if we only focus on our losses, we can go to quite dark places.  So we must remember and review what we still have and who we still have.   Thanksgiving can help with this.  It invites us to reflect on God’s provision for us.  We remember His steadfast love and presence with us through whatever we face in life.