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Imagine with me that you get into a car to drive it and you have a passenger.  It might be your car or your parent’s car or the family car.  You notice that the fuel gauge is on the low side.  If you have an older style fuel gauge, it points to the E more than the F.  If you have digital fuel gauge, you noticed that you have less than a quarter tank of fuel left or you have 50 km left before empty.  What must you do to deal with that need?  Well, you must go somewhere to get fuel. 

So imagine that you go towards a gas station.  But as you approach the station you do something a little strange.  You don’t pull up to a fuel pump where you can transfer fuel from the gas pump into your car.  You just drive near the gas station and keep going.  Then your passenger - a spouse, a family member or a friend - gives you a weird glance.  They look back at the gas station.  They look over at the fuel gauge.  Then they ask, “what are you doing?  Why didn’t you stop at the station to get fuel?  You’re going to run out of gas.”