Joshua 1:1-9

Guest Speaker:  Walter Foth

We live in a world of constant change, challenges and even uncertainties. Some affect us as a nation, province, city and in some cases our personal lives, yes, even as a church. But praise God in midst of all of that, there is good news which we find in God’s Word. In it God says “I will (not) never leave (or) nor forsake you.” Yes, these were words spoken to Joshua, but they are also words of encouragement for us, because God’s principles and His Word stands forever.

Let’s read the text- Joshua 1:1-9

The people of Israel had had quite a trip. They miraculously were delivered from Egypt when Moses was 80 years old. It should only have taken a relatively short time - some say as little as 2 weeks or 2 months - had they not disobeyed God. However, because they disobeyed and grumbled, it took 40 years in which they wandered around in the wilderness - all because of a lack of faith.