Various Texts


  • What have our culture made of Christmas
    1. Economics, Consumerism, materialism, romance and good story for the single mom or dad and the birth of a new family
  • Today, I want to cover 2 questions:
    1. Both are distinct but also intertwined. Sometime, when you answer one, you answer the other one
    2. The two questions are
      1. What is Christmas and why Christmas
    3. It’s always a good thing to remind ourselves the what & why, because we tend to forget and take things for granted
  • Xmas is about God coming to us because we could not have come to him
    1. The Son came to visit us. He came to us to speak with us
    2. He came himself instead of sending a messenger to show us the face of God
  • Redemptivly In a nutshell, Xmas is the starting point or first page of the good news and the first phase of God realizing the coming of his kingdom
  • Xmas according to the gospel writes, it may sound as if Xmas already existed at the time of their writing and of Jesus’ birth or came just after.
    1. Although we can say that Jesus’ birth was certainly the first Xmas, It was not the case. The origin of Xmas as we know it only came down the centuries
    2. I am just using the title and concept as a way to present & put the material together.
  • It is important to note that Each Gospel
    1. Have a diff starting point, flavor, and angle because è a diff purpose & audience. 
    2. I am only using selected key passages. Much more could be said, and a series could be done. Lets start w/ Matthew