1 John 1:5-10

Introduction: The Practice of Confession & Repentance

  • Last week, we have resumed our abide in Christ series
    1. So far, we have seen --------- practices: the gift of abiding in Jesus, then the practice of learning to hear the VOG (8 sessions: obstacles, thanksgiving/journaling, why, the diff ways God speaks & guide us, balance in listening) then Curtis covered meditation of Gods’ word, then last week, Walter covered obedience
      1. Our purpose is not necessarily to learn new things, although it could be the case for some, but to practice what most of us already know. Knowledge is not an end in and of itself, it is a means to grow and become like Jesus
      2. The purpose is to equip us to learn how to and to abide in Jesus or a daily basis and experience eternal life now
        • These practices are ways to nurture our relationship w/ the Lord and stay close to him