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Acts 9:19-31

Trust you had a good week. If we were to ask each one individually this morning what kind of week you had, we might get a good number of “yes and amens.” Others might say “not that great” or “so, so.” “Yes, good but hectic.” Now when it comes to life overall, we have goals and aspirations, and we should. Things often fall into place. We finish school. We advance in our career. Things are going well at home. We feel fulfilled. But there are times when things don’t go as we had hoped or planned. It’s in these times that we need encouragement. There are things we can do to be encouraged. We can tell ourselves, “I can do it, I can make it.” Or we can look at our situation we might worry about and evaluate what is so bad about it. Often the good outweighs the bad. As believers we have the advantage of finding guidance and encouragement in God’s Word.