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Jeremiah 1:4-10; Luke 15

Good Morning Church.  Last spring Kathy and I bought, and then I installed a lovely ceiling fan in our Bedroom.  Two or three days after I installed the fan .. just as we were getting settled into bed, I pushed the remote button and turned off the fan's light .. while leaving the fan speed running on low…   But ..  5 seconds later .. we were startled as the light turned on again.  So I grabbed the remote and turned off the light on the fan .. but ..  5 seconds later it came on again. So I put on my glasses .. thinking I had pushed the wrong button ..  looked at the fan’s remote … and turned it off again .. Only to find that - 5 seconds later - the fan blades began to turn even faster … and then the light grew even more intense.  Here we were, trying to get to sleep .. with the fan .. changing its speed and the light  intensity .. going up and down. I wasn’t sure what to do—