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Acts 1:1-5,9; 21:6

When our kids were growing up we got our first dog - his name was Cubby. He was a Lhasa Apso - He was a smart dog and it didn’t take him long to figure out the lay of the land in how house.  He realized that I was ‘lead dog’ — because I walked him and fed  him. My wife was next in the ‘food chain’ (she didn’t feed him as often) and then came our first 2 kids - because they played with him - he loved them. But, then there was  our youngest son Mark who was pretty young at the time. And Cubby was convinced that he was one rung above Mark on the pecking order. So he would growl at poor Mark when he was little/and even when he was a little older - he would nip Mark just to keep Mark in his place. When Cubby passed away we got Max — and Max was Mark's buddy.