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Acts 13:1-3

Intro: Good morning church. This morning, I want to begin by showing you a  few pictures that I think you will find interesting, and it will give you the historical setting for our scripture today.  A number of years ago, while on Sabbatical, Kathy and I had chance to travel on a 21-day Bus trip through Turkey following Paul’s missionary journey. The first picture you see there is the main street of Ephesus - leading to the Ephesian library. And here is the Colosseum in Ephesus.  We went to places like Laodicea/ Troy/ Lystra  and through the Galician region and the Isle of Patmos. We had a balloon ride over Cappadocia -where many Christians hid from the Romans in intricate underground caves. But one of my favourite stops was Antioch {Ankakya}. If you go just over the hill behind Antioch, you will find a place (that hardly any tourists go) it is the ruins of an old monastery that was founded in the 4th century around a Desert monk named.