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What does the Scientific American Magazine have to do with Easter and parenting? Lets find out later...!

Grand-parenting, and of course, parenting with an intentional spiritual and worldview formation is an important responsibility for us. And so is helping our kids (and us) to think critically about and make sense of the resurrection of Jesus.

The Easter season is the perfect occasion to talk about the resurrection of Jesus to my grand-daughter Michelle. I started using “The 12 days of Easter” resource from our Children Ministry Director. This was a good resource to start going over the Passion Week and the events prior to the death and resurrection of Christ.

The best part out of this occasion is the ever curiosity of childhood. Curiosity generates interest and questions.  This, in turn, leads to spiritual & faith conversation about the most important even in history and how it compels us and applies to us personally.

In view of the Easter season, I am just recommending a great article featuring parenting, Scientific American Magazine, and Easter I recently saw from a site that does a great job about helping grand-parents and parents to parent with an intentional spiritual & worldview formation in mind about faith. The article is entitled “Your Kids Need to Think Critically About the Resurrection…Because Secular Media Does Not” 

You will find also this is a site full of excellent resources for the matter. Enjoy!


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