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Every one of us has a belief about the Bible. We may not have organized our beliefs into a statement or system. Yet one’s belief reveals itself when the topic of the Bible comes up. I remember watching a news channel where 5 people discussed some issue. They had all 5 of their faces on the screen. One person was a Christian. He brought up what the Bible had to say about that particular topic. I will never forget the response of those other four people. No one said anything. They just let the guy talk for a few moments. But every one of them smirked. Their condescending smile that revealed their complete dismissal of the Bible.

Now sometimes, Christians do a very poor job of interpreting the Bible and faithfully representing what it says. Sometimes, Christians misuse passages in the Bible to advance their own agenda or perspective. We Christians need to answer criticisms or concerns about the Bible. However, I am concerned that some Christians have accepted all criticisms of the Bible so that there’s hardly anything left that’s trustworthy.

Some of these criticisms include:
· The Bible is historically inaccurate. It gets lots of facts and timetables wrong.
· There is little to no archaeological evidence to back up the Bible.
· The writers made up the miracles in the Bible to inspire the people.
· The Bible is just like all other Ancient Near Eastern works of its time.
· The Bible’s morality is outdated and barbaric.
· The Bible affirms misogyny, homophobia and racism.
· Modern science has proved the Bible wrong.
· We can’t trust the accuracy of Bible translation and transmission.

Christians claim God inspired the writers of the Bible. If all these charges are true, then what does this say about God? Those are just a few of the criticisms out there. If all of these are true, it is understandable why people dismiss it or smirk at it.
Each one of these criticisms are debatable and involve vast fields of study. Yet I have found solid, well-reasoned answers to every one of these charges. That is a discussion beyond the scope of these posts.

So I’d like us to consider all this from a different angle from something I read today.
God is the source of life. God is wholly truthful. God is glorious.
“If God is the source of life, His word gives life. If God is wholly truthful, then the Word cannot err. If God is glorious the Bible is a treasure.”

I pray you might discover life, truth and treasure from God’s Word