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 Dear SVBC family:   

Last week, the provincial government announced that masks would be required in all indoor spaces.   Throughout the pandemic, our leadership has agreed that we will abide by the government directives out of respect for them as the governing authorities.  We did this in light of Romans 13:1 and the command to “be subject to the governing authorities.”  So we announced last weekend a return to mandatory masking in the church building.   

Then it came to our attention that the government provided an exemption for places of worship.  The new order states the following:   

F.  Exceptions for places of worship.   

4.11 Despite part 3 of this order, a person is not required to wear a mask while participating at a worship service at a place of worship. (Click here to read full order)

The challenge with this order concerns its interpretation and application.  It seems they say masking is not required while participating in worship.  Yet it is required when not participating in worship even in the church sanctuary.      

Therefore, we have decided to apply this clause like this.   

  • Masking is required in the church building.
  • Masking is recommended in the church sanctuary while participating in worship.

We recognize the challenge of navigating these times and the differing viewpoints held in our community.  Let us pray for grace and love for one another as we go forward together during this time.     

Sincerely and In Christ’s Love,  

Pastor Tom