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Hey everybody:

Congratulations on just about making it through September! What a crazy time this has been as we all try to figure out life, school and work. We’ve been trying to do that at SVBC as well. Thank you for your patience with us. So I wanted to keep you in the loop about some further updates.

First Service Start Time Change – From 900 AM To 930 AM

We have run the two services from 9-10 AM and 11-Noon the past two Sundays. We kept an hour between services to ensure we had time for cleaning and for the first service crowd to leave before the second service crowd shows up. We also were concerned that with increasing numbers, we would need more time for people to move in and out. We have discovered that the cleaning takes only 10 minutes with our welcome team as well as the departure of the first service crowd. This means that the volunteers in Worship, Tech and Welcome team wait around for 50 minutes until the next service starts. In light of this, we will change the start time of the first service from 9 to 930 AM. We believe this will take some of the pressure off the volunteers and use our time more efficiently.

Update coming from Alberta Health for Churches

This past Tuesday, Premier Jason Kenney and Dr. Deena Hinshaw held another town hall phone meeting with faith community leaders. Over 900 checked in from across the province. They basically wanted to check in and thank faith communities for doing their part in addressing the pandemic. They also said they will be coming up with updated guidelines for us in the next week or two. These will include guidelines for immersion baptism (which Dr Hinshaw affirmed as allowable during the call) and possibly a reopening of nursery care ages 0-2. We will be watching for this update and will inform you of any changes when we’re ready.

Upcoming Services at SVBC

Yet through all this, ministry continues to happen and slowly relaunch throughout our church community. Here is what’s coming up at SVBC over the next 5 Sundays.

  • Sept 27: Addictions 3 ~ Is Addiction Disease, Sin or Both? John 8:31-36
  • Oct 4: Addictions 4 ~ The Deeper Issue of Addiction – Who do you Worship? Deuteronomy 4:15-24
  • Oct 11: Thanksgiving, Lord’s Supper, Addiction 5 ~ The Descent into Addiction and Hope in Christ Proverbs 9:13-18
  • Oct 18: Baptisms and Memberships, Operation Christmas Child Presentation
  • Oct 25: Missionaries ~ Paul and Michelle

Please pray for us as we strive to connect our community together as best we can during these times. We continue to pray for you.

Pastor Tom