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We are witnessing history in the making again...Easter 2020 will certainly be remembered for being different from any previous Easter celebration. For one thing, we will certainly celebrate it in a non-traditional online way that will remain in our memory forever. We will also be cut off from our brothers and sisters in Christ and be limited to small home gatherings. Moreover, our online celebration might have more community traffic than ever before since it is easy to participate in a local church Easter service from the comfort of your home. However, with all of these novelties, there is one thing that will remain the same: the reason for our celebration!

As we are approaching Easter, the topic of the resurrection might come up in our online discussions or with friends and family members. As a result, we want to be equipped to discuss the most important event of history and present it in such a way that might trigger some reflection.

Can the resurrection of Jesus stand up to the scrutiny of the critical historical investigation or does it disintegrate like a sand castle? Can such investigation satisfy a doubter and a skeptic? Will it destroy your faith or strengthen it?

Michael Licona, a world-renowned expert on the resurrection, who himself went through serious doubts about his own faith in Christianity, was ready to go as far as the evidences led him. He wanted to know if there was good historical evidence to believe Jesus rose from the dead or if we could only hold it by faith. He wanted to know if it is rational to believe in the Christian faith and if the resurrection could stand to the most critical scrutiny of some of the leading minds of North America and the toughest of skepticism.

Michael wanted to explore the historical evidences and go beyond faith only for his own sake. In this presentation “Historical Evidence for the Resurrection”, he shares with us what he found…plus a personal application of the resurrection for our own lives: (Closed Captioning available)