Ezekiel 1-3
When Life Looks Bleak

Sometimes, life can seem a little bleak or blah – like this past Tuesday.  How many of you were excited to see the snow coming down on Tuesday morning?  Farmers probably appreciated the moisture.  But for those looking for spring it was a little bleak. It’s only one month into Spring.  We didn’t have just a little snow.  It snowed all day and through the evening.   Wednesday morning looked like a winter wonderland – except it was April 19.   For those of us looking forward to spring and the new life it brings, Tuesday and Wednesday were kind of blah.

The blahs are a feeling of physical uneasiness, general discomfort or mild depression.  We can feel like this when we’ve had time off and have to go back to work or school.    Or sometimes life can even look more than a blah but bleak – dreary, depressing, disheartening and harsh.  We can feel like this through a time of illness or medical treatment.  We may have experienced the blahs because of Covid and isolation.   Or we can struggle with them when there’s something hard in our live or a situation that doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon.  When life feels blah or bleak, what is God doing?  Where is the abundant life that Jesus promised us?  Why don’t we feel lifted up and filled with the Spirit?  Where is the joy of the Lord?  What is God doing when life feels blah or bleak?