Ezekiel 34
The Lord Delivers His People

 When I was in my early 20’s, I had a very close call. I lived in a downtown apartment with some roommates.  On a Sunday morning, I went with my roommate to drive to church.  We came upon this intersection with a building right on the corner.  You could not see if cars were coming from the direction covered by this building.  We had a green light and my friend drove at 50 or 60 km/hour.  As we entered the intersection, we suddenly saw a black car on our left.  Before my friend even had time to react, it was in front of us.  We t-boned the car.  We hit the passenger side at full speed.  Thankfully, no one was in that seat.   The car we hit was an older Lincoln Continental, a massive car with apparently pretty good reinforcement.  We were in a VW Latitude Burden. The front end of my friend’s car, a VW rabbit or golf, just crumpled and bent sideways.  The lady driving the Lincoln apparently missed the red light.