Matthew 1:18-25
Waiting on God: Joseph - 6 Months Until Christmas

 “Waiting is bad.”  At least it seems many believe this by the way they talk and act, including me.   We do all we can to avoid waiting.   When we must wait, we get can huffy, impatient, and even angry.  I get it.  I don’t enjoy waiting.  I was tested in this area this past week on Tuesday, when it was -70 in the morning, I had to wait.  I waited at the light coming down the hill from the hospital on Boudreau Road and Bellerose by the Police Station.  I was looking at the police station to my right as I waited at the light.  I was the third car in a row of cars waiting for a green light.  The light turned green and the 2 cars in front of me begin to move.  Suddenly the light turned yellow again after maybe 4 or 5 seconds.  So I had to stop.