Acts 4:23-31

 Sometimes life goes smoothly.  Everything works out.  We get good results.  We feel safe, positive, and content.  Other times, trouble comes into our lives.  Our plans get interrupted or redirected. A direction we thought we were going is suddenly blocked.  Or something comes along that will take much time and energy that we did not plan for.  This past Monday, I was looking at new episodes available on the podcasts I follow.  One of them was with a Bible Scholar I’ve learned a lot from over the past 3 years.  Then I noticed the podcast title.  In honor of the host.  He had died on February 20, 6 days past his 60th birthday from pancreatic cancer.  I knew he had some sort of illness but didn’t know the extent of it.  Suddenly he’s gone and his podcast is done.  A good pastor friend of mine contacted us in early February.  They’ve discovered his wife has cancer.  Suddenly their year has turned from ordinary planning and activities to regular doctor appointments, treatments and a major surgery.