Luke 22:39-53
Jesus' Prayer Before His Arrest

How do you respond when you don’t get what you want?  What do you do when you don’t get your way?  You apply to get into a program, or a job and you don’t get it.  You like someone in a romantic way.  But they don’t like you that way.  You ask your parents for permission to get that phone or game or join that club.  They say “no.”  You want your child to do something or not do something; to start something or end something.  And they won’t.  You want to see your loved one or yourself well or getting better.  But you’re not or they’re not.  You want that relationship reconciled but there’s no progress.  You hoped for that promotion at work or your manager to act on your ideas.  Neither happened.  Not getting our way can be frustrating and disappointing.  It can lead to anger or despair.  Yet it happens quite often in life.