James 5:1-6

 When I was in Junior High School, I had a tormentor.  I don’t remember his name but I remember his voice.  It was loud.   He was loud.   He would often yell or speak very loudly in public settings like the classroom, lunchroom, hallway and change room.  For some reason, he chose to pick on me.  Maybe it was because I showed some fear when he first spoke loudly.  Then, whenever he saw me, he would target me.  “Anderst, what are you doing?  Anderst, what’s with your face.”  To add to my troubles, I was in the school which was a very uncool group to be part of in our school. To make matters worse, our band teacher ordered new band uniforms.  They were purple with some lame yellow sash across the front.  The pants that I got were way too short.  So when I wore my band uniform I became a greater target.  Someone in the school labelled our band uniforms “monkey suits.”