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In an age of science and skepticism, is there room for belief in miracles? Now that we know better, is believing in miracles kind of naïve, archaic or superstitious like it was in the pre-scientific time?

The bible clearly reports and documents miracles, but is God still in the business of miracles today? For instance, miracles begin and conclude the life of Christ. Moreover, miracles surround the life and ministry of Jesus and the apostles but what about today. Since we do not seem to experience them as it was the case in bible times, should we conclude that this was only something from the past?

In the wake of Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, I would like to propose you a CD titled “The Case for Miracle” based on the newest book written by Lee Strobel. This CD will discuss the topic of miracle and the related questions. you can pick it up at our literature table along with other titles.

In this session, you will hear about true stories of miracle and hear from people who experienced them first hand. Lee Strobel will also answer four questions:

  • What is and how can we define a miracle?
  • Aren’t miracle impossible since they would violate the laws of nature?
  • How common are miracles today?
  • How can we know a miracle is genuine?

After these questions are answered, Lee will conclude by telling us what miracles say about God and why in some cases healing does not come in this life. You can pick up this title at our literature table.

If the topic of the resurrection of Jesus interest you, you can pick other available titles there too. Other titles discuss that the resurrection of Jesus is not only based on faith. Rather, they will show that the resurrection of Jesus is based on solid historical evidences that even atheist, skeptics and liberal scholars grant. Other titles available are:

  • The Case for the Resurrection –Lee Strobel
  • Resurrection: fact or legend –Gary Habermass
  • Is the Story of Christ a Copy of Pagan Myths? --Randy Niles, Mary-Jo Sharp
  • 10 Undisputed Facts about the Resurrection –T Campbell
  • 10 Common Myths about the Resurrection –Michael Licona
  • The ABCD and Es of defending the Gospels against skepticism –Michael Licona
  • Did Jesus Claim to Be the Unique Son of God –WL Craig
  • More Than a Carpenter, the Story of Jesus and multiple other titles

Come and visit our literature table and pick up a CD to learn about Christianity, faith, and the resurrection and then share these titles with friends and family members.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!